Merry Christmas to all

What a busy time of the year when we are expecting family and friends around?  The stress of buying presents, thinking of the menu suitable for all and just to get through the day.  It is even more exiting when  expecting younger children, but how do you keep them occupied so that they don’t get bored?  The list  is endless.

But what is missing?  The world have succeeded so well in commercializing Christmas that if we the believers are not careful we loose the true meaning of Christmas.  Where is the Christ child and where is our first love?  don’t get me wrong I too love all the festivities of Christmas like everyone else, such as: singing or hearing the carols in the shops, the beautiful decorations on the streets, shopping, preparing for the family etc. etc. But do I allow the busyness of it all to crowd out the true meaning of Christmas?

Revelations  2:1-7  the message to the Church in Ephesus:

The church in Ephesus knew how to be busy and they understood it well, they knew how to work for the Lord they must have had programs planed for the whole year, no work for the Lord was too difficult for them.  They knew how to labour for the Lord, they were very patient never giving up till they had achieved their desired goal for the work of the Lord.  They were people of discernment, their spiritual radial could pick up the signal of the enemy at any distance, they were good people and very sincere in what they did and the Lord acknowledged and commended them for their efforts.  Verse four of the chapter tells us that if this was their Christmas dinner the best ingredient was missing, that they had left out their FIRST LOVE, busyness had robbed them of intimacy with their Lord and Master.

Busyness have caused a lot of the breakdown in families today.  Some parents feel that the more presents they get for their children the better they will be, some husbands may feel that the more they provide for their families and bring home flowers for the wife the better marriage they will have, but to the disappointment of all none works, simply because we are all made for companionship.  God is relational and we are made in His image.  All the work we do for God is good and like the Church in Ephesus he does acknowledge them but what He wants most is our fellowship,  God wants to keep our company.

I’m reminded of one of the worship songs of 1980 that says:

O Lord you are beautiful

Your face is all I seek,

For when your eyes are on this child,

Your grace abounds to me.

O Lord please light the fire,

That once burn bright and clear,

Replace the lamp of my first love

That burns with Holy fear.

Thinking of this song I thought to myself why would a man marry a beautiful woman when all he needed was a house keeper?  He hurriedly brings in the provision and rushes out because he is too busy, comes home late and rushes out in the morning, he does not remember what the wife wore the last time he left home, does not know how she feels yet they are married and he does not know her.  How long will that relationship last?

How often have we treated God like that?  We were not made to just seek His hands for what we can get especially when we are in trouble, but most important of all is to seek His face, to fellowship with Him.

I pray this Christmas be a time of restoration when we will ask the Holy Spirit to help us rekindle the fire of our first love that will burns bright and clear, that He will remove the smoke of busyness and distraction and bring us back to our rightful place in Him.  Let our lives be a beacon of hope for the world to see and turn to God because the way we live speaks more to the world than what we say.

Christmas is indeed a busy time but remember it is all about  JESUS CHRIST THE SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD.



From the Prayer Tabernacle  Team