Welcome to Prayer Tabernacle

At the Prayer Tabernacle we come into the presence of a living God who delights to hear our prayers. Knowing that he honours our faith, encourages us to press in and ask great things. We confess that God has heard our prayers and has already answered them in the heavenly realm.  As joint heirs with Christ, we use that authority to speak words of truth and life into situations where the enemy is attempting to destroy.

Are you in need of a miracle?

Is there a situation where you can’t break free?

Do you feel insecure, unloved, worthless?

Is sickness and ill-health robbing you of enjoying life?

Have you had a reversal of good fortune?

Are you going through family break-up or other personal difficulties?

We know God can change every troublesome situation? He makes a way possible where there seems to be no way. Here at the Prayer Tabernacle we will bring your situation before our wonderful life-changing God. Watch and see what God can do for you.

Thank you

From the Prayer Tabernacle Team